Why 'First Round's on Me'?

10 years ago, a close friend and I set out to take on the ridiculous prices that then major retailers, specifically those targeted to high school and college students, were charging. We had a few t-shirt designs, a website, and an appetite to take on the Goliaths of retail. 

Our biggest hurdle: we had no idea what we were doing. 

 The first Vuelon t-shirt was hand-painted

The first Vuelon t-shirt was hand-painted

We pulled all-nighter after all-nighter wracking our brains around how we could possibly make a dent in this space. We made countless mistakes, some that ended in our favor with most going against us, and after enough Hamburger Helper quick meals to keep our focus, our first venture was acquired 18 months later.

Fast forward to today, we're both still building companies and loving every minute. I've been able (and continue to) fine tune my niche within business development through outbound demand generation, product demos, and contract negotiating. Even more important, I've found myself in a unique position of not only contributing to the bottom line in pure dollars and cents, but also evolving the sales team within the company that's home to 25 full-time, employee-owners that are some of the most talented and passionate professionals I've ever worked alongside. 

I believe in people helping people.

Being a resource in sharing successful strategies and avoid the headaches I've experienced along the way is my primary focus. I often times thought, "if I just had someone in my non-existent rolodex that has done this before would make this so much easier." Starting and scaling a company comes with plenty of uncertainties and at minimum, I'll share key takeaways that have carried me through some of my most difficult times that also turned into my biggest wins.

Focus on being productive
instead of busy.
— Tim Ferris

Through blogs, podcasts, and my participation within the Stanford Graduate School of Business Ignite entrepreneurship program, you'll get my very best in being a sounding board and resource.

Let's go,